About Us


Meddenovo Drug Design was founded by academics who have been conducting scientific research on drug design and modeling of biomolecular systems for more than 10 years.

Our main goal in the establishment of Meddenovo is to bring high levels of computational chemistry and simulation techniques together with research groups and companies for joint drug discovery.

AI-Supported Cyclic Peptide Therapeutics

The diverse and complex diseases that affect the world show that innovative transformations in medicine are a constant need. To meet this need effectively, more high technology inputs are needed in drug discovery research. As Meddenovo, we are proud to be one of the companies to provide high-tech solutions in drug design with our specialized focus on cyclic peptides.



At Meddenovo, we develop a technology platform to assist drug hunters in designing novel drug candidates through the perfect combination of AI and physical computational approaches. Our platform, integrated with the largest database of cyclic peptide-like medicines, fills the gap with market-unique software tailored specifically for cyclic peptides. Enhanced by our unique AI drug design co-pilot, our robust technology will soon be accessible to scientists globally, requiring minimal expertise.

Scalable Solutions

Cyclic peptides as therapeutics have significant potential to address a variety of diseases with unmet medical needs. However, this potential remains largely untapped due to the lack of tools for designing new cyclic peptide-based drugs. Meddenovo is dedicated to unlocking this potential with our state-of-the-art platform, ensuring innovative transformations in medicine continue to advance.